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Jérôme CHabert
23 February 2018

Jérôme Chabert

Jérôme Chabert, Managing Director of Var Aménagement Développement
Toulon town centre: a comprehensive strategy for the long term

Vincent MousseigneV2
6 February 2018

Vincent Mousseigne

Vincent Mousseigne is Managing Director of Immo Mousquetaires, the real estate company of Groupement des Mousquetaires and its six retail brands, including Intermarché, Bricomarché and Poivre Rouge (restaurants). To boost its presence in urban areas, the company is developing its expertise in creating mixed-use projects.

Jean-Michel Grunberg72
24 January 2018

Jean-Michel Grunberg

Jean-Michel Brunberg, CEO of Ludendo group.
For La Grande Récré, omnichannel selling connects with distribution development and brand content

Coly Jean-Marc 72
20 November 2017

Jean-Marc Coly

Jean-Marc Coly, Managing Director of Amundi Immobilier
We focus on quality locations and pooling of risks

11 October 2017

Gaël Perdriau

Interview with Gaël Perdriau, Mayor of Saint-Étienne
Only a frank consultation of stakeholders can ensure a sustainable strategy for the retail sector

Antoine Frey carré N&B
20 July 2017

Antoine Frey

Interview with Antoine Frey, CEO of Frey
I firmly believe in the ability of retail to reinvent itself

Arnaud LegrosNetB
29 May 2017

Arnaud Legros

Interview with Arnaud Legros, The social landlord of Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne
Taking charge of our retail premises

25 April 2017

Gontran Thüring

Interview with Gontran Thüring, general secretary of the CNCC
Mixed-use developments attuned to major social changes

Thierry Febvay © Philippe CAUMES 2
3 April 2017

Thierry Febvay

Managing Director of the ORSA public development agency
We have every reason to be demanding because we are creating a remarkable site

27 February 2017

Philippe Coulom

Co-founder and associate director of Valream
Finding tenants is great, but it takes much more for it to work!

AUDE_DEBREIL_portrait carré
9 February 2017

Aude Debreil

Managing Director of Sénart Public Development Agency
Ensure the means to adapt retail sites over time